One Piece Chapter 875 Spoilers : OnePiece – Stake

It’s odd how the normally uncooperative Luffy is being “cooperative” for once One Piece 875 Scans. It is weird for Luffy to beat Big Mom when Gear 4 couldn’t do much to her, and his and Sanji’s attack barely did anything to her unprotected hand.

One Piece 875 Chapter
The fight against Kaidou will be like the fight against Joker one piece 875 chapter. The fight will begin with Luffy but somehow he will be put out temporarily, the other supernovas will keep Kaido busy and Luffy will start the real fight.

There’s plenty of time for Luffy to get stronger before he takes on Kaidou, and he likely doesn’t have to take on Kaidou on his own. Big Mom can serve as a way to show how much stronger Luffy got, if he goes from beating Kaidou with help to beating Big Mom on his own. And there are ways for Big Mom to not go after the Straw Hats’ relatives. She can be so pissed off that she has a tunnel vision and wants to capture them all alive, or someone or something else distracts her.

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Oda is really unpredictable at some Points for me even now i mean will they fight Him One Piece 875 Predictions? or will Jinbei go and make that Sacrifice to buy them Time and Freedom basically? You never know i’m looking forward to the Full Chapter.

One Piece 875 Chapter
The bit with Zeus is weird. Will wait for the chapter on that One Piece 875 Chapter. Brulee’s ability is really OP when used properly.

The Big Mom Pirates surrounding the Island should be really nice to see for me this is what i was waiting for during the Arc,a Display of a Yonkou’s Military Might and here we get BruleĆ© with 10000 Soldiers just waiting for their Enemies to come towards the Shores.! Katakuri is waiting for the SHs on the Sunny? Omg that just had to happen i can’t wait to see how this will turn out at that Point honestly,