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The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the one piece 876 manga scans will be posted here soon. This post will be updated with one piece chapter 876 English and one piece 876 scans as soon as they become available, so if they aren’t up yet, keep checking back often.

One Piece 876 Chapter
Seems like a “Normal” one piece 876 chapter Chapter to me currently,not much to be hyped about and not much to criticise for me as well currently, Not too happy about the Pudding Moments but i’ll take it for what its worth really.

It feels like all these chapters are pointless if at the end Big Mom walks out fine through the thunder bolt, and if she doesn’t then it’s time for a huge Nami bounty raise. At this point I’m just looking forward to Big Mom’s mass execution of everyone in her crew for failing her. Can’t believe I forgot Chopper and Brook were heading towards the Sunny. Wonder if the Fishman is part of Sun Pirates. So does that mean Pudding now has a double personality.

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